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A primary care provider oversees a patient's overall health and wellness--offering preventive care methods to reduce the risk of chronic disease. The Modern Concepts Medical Group provides comprehensive primary care services and quality annual physical exams. If you're due for a checkup or have concerns you'd like to address with an experienced primary care provider, call or book online to visit one of the practices three locations in Pasadena, Boyle Heights, and Montebello, California.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care is an essential part of health care and often acts as the first point of medical contact for patients with undiagnosed conditions and general health concerns.

Primary care is comprehensive care that isn't necessarily specific to particular organs; rather it's focused on your overall health and wellness.

Modern Concepts Medical Group primary care providers can offer continuous, ongoing general health care through all stages of your life. If necessary, Modern Concepts Medical Group can help coordinate specialists and services as well.

What are the benefits of primary care?

Primary care doctors are skilled at:

  • Conducting physical exams
  • Assessing your overall medical history
  • Providing an array of diagnostic testing
  • Recognizing symptoms of chronic diseases early
  • Engaging in a long-term relationship with each patient
  • Providing preventive care services to reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • Helping the patient to assess and utilize financial and social resources to achieve the best healthcare
  • Providing counseling and education to prevent diseases, such as nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes

What can I expect during my annual physical exam?

An annual physical exam is an excellent way for your Modern Concepts Medical Group provider to develop a well-rounded assessment of your overall health.

If needed, a urine sample might be necessary to rule out a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or liver problems.

During an annual exam, Modern Concepts Medical Group providers discuss your medical history and any current medical concerns. The Modern Concepts Medical Group team asks about certain lifestyle habits, such as nutrition, exercise, whether you smoke or drink, and your typical amount of rest and physical activity.

The Modern Concepts Medical Group team can test your reflexes with a reflex hammer, and any chronic pain will be assessed. Your blood pressure is taken, and the medical provider will also listen to your heart and lungs to ensure everything seems normal.

The Modern Concepts Medical Group team also checks lymph nodes, eyes, the thyroid gland, temperature, and skin.

If you’re due for a physical exam or have concerns you’d like to address, call Modern Concepts Medical Group or book your appointment online.